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Monday, January 16, 2006

Why the Compulsion to Create Makes You Wealthy

For a recent article in a European music magazine, I was asked what drives me to compose music.

It's a great question. What drives any of us to explore and develop our gifts. Have you ever wondered where this urge to express yourself comes from?

My answer to the question was "I am just compelled to compose music. I feel that the true voice of God in us is the compulsion to create. The mysteries of life are revealed in those quiet moments."

What I realize now is that this compulsion to create extends far beyond the artist's domain. This ability and compulsion is present in all of us at any moment.

I am creating my life Right Now by the thoughts I am putting down in this article. I am creating my life by deciding what I want to do at any given moment.

So, my drive to compose music reflects my urge to express the mystery of life as best I can at any given moment. Same goes for which book I choose to read, what activities I do with my family, which foods I choose to eat, what time I good to bed at night, and so on.

How I choose to do these things matters as much as what I do. For example, gratitude for my meals is shown by allowing the experience of eating to be slow and quiet. This means, no reading, watching, listening to music or news.

Really, what it all comes down to, is seeing your life as sacred. It's easy for us to see certain things outside of ourselves as being sacred, but few of us treat our own life as the miracle that it is.

What treasures await those of you who continuously, fearlessly step into the unknown.

You find more inner resources than you'd ever imagined. You discover treasure after treasure of creative reserves. Too innumerable because they are infinite. Each discovery opens the gateway to the next. There is no end to this treasure hunt.

These gifts of creativity are more precious than anything in the world. Because their exploration and activation brings you the peace and prosperity you were looking for since you were a child.

Embark on your treasure hunt every day. No matter what you are doing at any moment, access your creative mind. Give it a reason to churn out its magic. Honor the creator that you are. Give your mind the wise sustenance it craves.

How lucky we all are. How blessed I am to have the ability to create each and every day. How grateful I am for the opportunity to create the life of my dreams.

Here's to your creativity and wealth.

Tania Gabrielle French is a composer who has enjoyed performances and radio broadcasts of her music worldwide. Her new CD "Renewal" (released January, 2006) will feature a rejuvenating fusion of new age, classical, and world songs. Subscribe to her popular newsletter at

c 2006 Tania Gabrielle French. All Rights Reserved. Article Source:


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